Domestic violence

Sana arrived in Australia as a dependent on her husband’s Student visa in 2017. Prior to coming to Australia, Sana had been subjected to forced marriage and physical and emotional abuse by her husband and his family. This abuse continued after she arrived in Australia and Sana was worried for her and her daughter’s safety.

Although she was fearful that her visa would be cancelled and she would be sent back home, Sana felt that she couldn’t take any more and contacted the police who took out an ADVO for her protection and connected her with a woman’s refuge.

Sana’s DFV caseworker referred her to IARC for help with her visa. As a Student visa holder, Sana had few options and her immigration status remained linked to her husband. Her husband continued to harass her and his family had threatened her family for reporting him to police and bringing shame on the family. Her husband’s family have a long history of violence and Sana believed if she returned to her home country her daughter would be removed from her and she would be killed.

IARC helped Sana apply for a Protection visa so that she could remain in Australia. We worked with Sana to prepare evidence of the abuse she had experienced here and back home, the threats that her family had received and the risks that women face in her home country.

During the course of Sana’s case a number of complicated issues arose due to lies her husband had told the Australian Government when applying for his and Sana’s visa. IARC prepared legal submissions addressing these issues and attended interviews with Sana at the Department of Home Affairs.

In October, more than two years after fleeing her husband, Sana and her daughter were finally granted a Protection visa and permitted to remain in Australia permanently.