Legal advice is by appointment only. If you need help, please complete our enquiry form below.

Immigration and domestic violence

IARC provides free immigration and citizenship advice to eligible people in New South Wales. Please note that we are generally unable to assist people outside Australia. 

Access to our free legal advice service may be subject to income tests and priority is given to people experiencing family violence, people with a disability, migrant workers facing workplace exploitation, people sleeping rough, refugees, and people seeking asylum. 

We can assist with a range of legal issues, including: 

  • Immigration and domestic violence
  • Family visas 
  • Refugee and Humanitarian visas 
  • Visa cancellations 
  • Australian citizenship 
  • Some temporary visas such as Visitor visas and Bridging visas

If you are in New South Wales, on a low income, and in need of assistance with one of these issues, please complete our enquiry form below. If you are a trade union member and need assistance with any immigration or citizenship matter, please contact your union for a referral to Visa Assist and we will contact you to arrange an appointment. 

All advice provided by IARC is free and confidential. Telephone interpreters are available if required.