Carer Visa

Annabel and her husband are Australian citizens living in Sydney. They approached IARC for assistance in sponsoring a relative to move to Australia as a carer for their profoundly disabled daughter who suffers from a rare genetic condition. This condition as well as developmental and behavioural disorders leave her unable to tend to the practical aspects of daily life such as eating, washing and dressing herself and she will need round the clock care for the rest of her life. Due to their age and their own medical conditions, Annabel and her husband are struggling to provide their daughter with the care that she needs. The family subsist on the aged pension and carer allowance.

IARC met with Annabel and her husband to explain the criteria for carer visas and to determine whether they would be able to sponsor a family member to help them look after their daughter. Once a suitable family member was identified, IARC helped Annabel and her husband prepare the application, including obtaining medical evidence and preparing statements about their daughter’s needs and the limited support available through the community.  

Annabel and her husband have now submitted the carer visa application. Unfortunately, due to the cap on the number of carer visas that may be granted each year, they will have a wait of 4-5 years before the visa will be granted. In the meantime, they will continue to do their best to care for their daughter and give her the best quality of life they can.